Meet the Londoner who Drives and Shuns Public Transport

London is one of the busiest cities with the most iconic and famous public transport system in the world. Everybody knows the tube and the double-decker red bus! However I recently was shocked to meet a Londoner who shuns public transport and drives to work! I thought he must be crazy, and he confirmed my thoughts when he went on to tell me that in 100 years he thinks driving will become extinct! Please read on to find out more.

Who are you and where do you live?

I am a definite Taurus (can’t you see my horns) and I live in zone 1, which is Central London. My first love in life is my car!

Are you seriously the only person in London who drives? 

It is not true. Many Londoners own cars for various reasons. Of course they form the minority of London’s population but still…

What kind of car do you have?

I have Audi A3 car. I originally bought this car to do a big road trip across Europe and afterwards I was going to give it to my mum. However, my mum was too scared to drive and the car had really started to grow on me so I decided to keep it. If I knew I would keep it when I originally bought it I probably would have chosen a different model. But as I said – I love my car.

Why do you drive to work, isn’t it expensive?

I would say it is cheaper to drive to work than to use public transport. Even if you calculate all the associated car costs such as insurance, petrol, occasional breakdowns and parking, it still represents a significant financial saving. Another benefit is avoiding rush hour and morning crowds on the tube.

What do you think about London’s iconic tube?

I like the tube. It is efficient when it works. But I try not to use public transport. I think service could be much better for the price they charge and its not worth it for me to bother. I no longer get a thrill from riding on top of the double-decker.

Do you have a favourite tube station?

It is hard to pick a favourite station. They all different. But I would probably say I like Liverpool street the most because I am very familiar with it, there is a McDonalds that accepts Metro vouchers there, and there are lots of freebies given out in the morning. Canary Wharf is also pretty good because it is well organised.

What tube stations don’t you like?

Aldgate and Aldgate East. Because the trains are never frequent and they use the same platforms for different lines. Another annoying thing about them is they do not display when the next train will arrive.

If you were made CEO of TFL what changes would you make to public transport?

I would ban strikes, REALLY!! That is the ultimate goal. Tube workers striking have a huge impact on the British economy and put pressure on public health. Tube strikers are just selfish people who cause the whole of London to struggle.

What will transport look like 100 years from now?

I think everything will be automatic. Even cars. You would just put the address into the car’s computer and then relax and watch movies. The driver’s profession will be in decline.

Edgar has a degree, proof he knows what he is talking about.

Edgar has a degree, proof he knows what he is talking about.

This blog could well make you famous. Have you ever had a brush with fame before?

Actually I remember one cool story from my past. Every year in my hometown we have a maritime festival that runs an entire week we a climax on the weekend. One particular weekend of the festival there were lots of concerts and the whole town was packed with crowds. A friend of mine, who at the time had some cash-in-hand job in the theater, told me we can hit the crowds and get to the stage from the backdoor. The theater was located on the main square. So we went from the backdoor through the theater acting extremely self-assured and confident.

Once we got to the stage, security asked us for IDs but as we didn’t have any, they escorted us out. However the young teenagers began to raise their hands towards us and cheered loudly, thinking we were stars. These poor teens thought we were a famous band coming to give autographs!

Thank you Edgar for your views!

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