How Well do you know Emoji? Take the Quiz!

Emoji has taken the world by storm and is quite simply the most awesome way of expressing yourself. If you haven’t already embraced this iconic way of adding colour and meaning to your bland text messages, you are too out of date ?? or worse, I hate to imagine… But not everybody gets it right and many people are using emoji incorrectly. Take the emoji quiz to learn if you know what the most popular emoji symbols mean.

 And by the way, you might want to read my earlier blog to brush up on some basic meanings before you take the emoji quiz.

Emoji Smiley-33
Emoji Smiley-12
Emoji Smiley-31
Emoji Smiley-29
Emoji Smiley-133
Emoji Smiley-144
Emoji Smiley-185
Emoji Objects-206
Emoji Smiley-136
Emoji Smiley-126
Emoji Smiley-120
Emoji Smiley-62
Emoji Smiley-39
Emoji Smiley-15
Emoji Smiley-23