How Well Do You Think You Know Europe?

Europe is an amazing continent with many different cultures living side by side. It is famous in history and the arts and is on the cutting edge of new technology therefore making it one of the best places on Earth to live. So this begs the question, how well do you think you know Europe?

Take this quick quiz to find out if you really do know Europe.

Where is the biggest cemetery for Commonwealth war casualties in Europe?
Which of these is the tallest building in Europe?
Which country invented the croissant?
Margrethe II is Queen of which country?
What is the oldest European language?
Who were one of the native ancient people of Italy?
Which country has not yet adopted the Euro?
What is the national anthem of the European Union?
Which is the oldest European country?
Who was King Henry VIII's second wife?
From where can you see the Northern Lights?
What is the most expensive city in Europe to visit?
What is the most visited place in Europe?
Which of these is a famous Loire Valley white wine?
How do you say hello in Dutch?