Housemate from Hell, Living with Friends is a Bad Idea

I have always considered myself to be a very flexible and easygoing person that could get along with anyone. I had heard friends complain about their housemates and always thought to myself, come on, living with another person cannot be that bad! So when my husband generously invited his friend to move in, I happily agreed. However it didn’t take me long to learn that a housemate from hell is a real thing.

We have have a two bedroom and two bathroom home, so when our new housemate moved in, privacy was not a problem. During the first few days I noticed he drank a lot of beer and I put it down to him being in a celebratory mode. He had just moved to London and so it was an exciting time for him. However after two consecutive weeks of watching him get totally wasted at home, I became concerned. I encouraged him to go out and explore London but he responded that he had no money and was waiting to be paid his first salary. Despite me explaining that most of the attractions in London are actually for free he continued to stay at home and drink.

As the days went on, his level of drunkeness each night became worse and I calculated he was spending at least £15 a day on alcohol despite claiming he had no money. He would begin his drinking around 1pm and by 8pm he would be staggering and incoherent. Our kitchen and backyard were filled with beer bottles that were attracting fruit flies and a weird smell. He also started to break things like our coat rack, the bathroom door, crockery and he even managed to break the keys to the house. When he was paid his first salary we secretly celebrated, expecting that the drinking would stop and he would start going out now he had financial freedom. We even invited him to join us and a friend for dinner at a Spanish Tapas restaurant. Between the time we extended the invitation and arrived at the restaurant (approximately 1 hour) he was totally wasted and we were extremely embarrassed. He kept banging his fists on the table, calling people stupid, and demanding the waiters to bring him more beer. We hoped when the food arrived he would calm down, but after quickly eating most of the shared dishes he then threw some cash on the table and left us without saying goodbye.

Having him in the house started to become a burden. The problem was that he was always drunk and when he was drunk, he became aggressive. He would slam the doors, shout at people and say rude things. He liked to join us for dinner at the table, but his manners were appalling. He would start eating before everyone sat down and used his hands to eat salad directly from the serving bowl. He never even used a napkin.

We tried our best to tolerate him but things came to a head one weekend. We had all agreed to arrange for a cleaner to come and deep clean the house and each chipped in £20 for the cost. That morning at 9.30am we heard very loud music blaring from the kitchen, which woke us up. The housemate was already drunk with a very red face and he was playing heavy metal music at top volume. This upsetting incident caused me to shout at him. When the cleaner arrived we were all supposed to vacate the house but he refused. We became scared he would manhandle the cleaner and it took us great exertion to make him leave her alone to do her job. After this incident, we stopped speaking for a few days.

The last straw was when I came home one night after a long day at work. Sure enough the housemate was drunk and as soon as I put my handbag down he asked me if he could borrow £100. I apologised that I did not lend money and explained to him that if he wasn’t spending so much money on alcohol each day, he wouldn’t need to borrow money from people. I then went to my bedroom and heard him shouting over and over again to himself that I am a f@%king bitch. The next morning my husband sent him a text message to try not to get drunk that night as he wanted a serious talk with him. However he was unable to stay sober past 2pm so he moved out of the house.

It was a terrible experience that taught me a good lesson: do not live with friends as it will certainly sour the relationship. It also made me appreciate how enjoyable it can be to have a quiet house to yourself.