So do you think you’re a Foodie?

Many people take pride in being a foodie and think visiting the odd restaurant is enough to qualify for that status. But being a true foodie means knowing the difference between red and white wine, or understanding when to ask for the bill at a restaurant. Take this simple quiz to find out if you really have what it takes to be a foodie!

How should you correctly eat pickled ginger with Japanese cuisine?

If you wish to impress, what after dinner drink would you order along with coffee?

What nut is ideal to add to a summer salad if it also contains goats cheese?

Which herb is essential for traditional bolognese meat sauce in Bologna?

Which wine would best paired with grilled salmon, served medium rare?

When is it appropriate to order a caffè mocha?

What dish is the best accompaniment for Cuvée Brut Rosé champagne?

What is the correct etiquette for using a cloth napkin at a restaurant?

How should vodka be served?

Which dish would you have the most difficulty ordering in Hong Kong?

Which of these ingredients does not belong in lasagna?

What is the healthiest and tastiest oil for salad dressing?

How would you order a rib eye steak?

Which cheese does not belong on a French cheese plate served with water crackers?

You are hosting a party for your friends baby shower. What cocktail would you serve?