Glass Pepper Noodle with Crayfish at ThaiExpress at Bugis+

ThaiExpress at Bugis is shockingly bad. Level four of the Bugis+ shopping centre is an ideal air-conditioned option for grabbing an inexpensive bite to eat as there are several Asian and Western eateries. Whilst the Japanese Ramen Championship restaurants are the busiest, I liked the pictures on the menu of ThaiExpress at Bugis. The colourful photo of a hearty Glass Pepper Noodle with Crayfish dish served in a steel pot particularly caught my eye so I took a seat and looked forward to trying something different and tasty.

Flossy’s rating: ★

I later found out that ThaiExpress takes pride in being the world’s largest chain of Thai restaurants, boasting 20 restaurants in Singapore alone with more venues in China, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Had I known that beforehand, I probably would have been better prepared for an average dining experience. The signs this was not going to be great were present from the start. Although the restaurant was only a third full I waited almost 20 minutes to place my order and a further 20 minutes to receive my food. Certainly this was more a SlowThai than ThaiExpress experience.

ThaiExpress at Bugis

ThaiExpress at Bugis+ is not the best choice available here for food.

I ordered the Glass Pepper Noodle with Crayfish. It was served in a cheap steel dish. The clear noodles were tasty enough, blackened by a generous seasoning of fine pepper and salt. However the photo in the menu gave the impression it would come with plenty of vegetables as well. Actually the dish was mostly noodle with only two small and overcooked mushrooms at the bottom, a few small sprigs of coriander and strangely enough, about 10 whole and under cooked cloves of garlic. I’m not sure if the abundance of garlic was to help improve the flavour of the noodles rather than intended for eating, but I ate a couple of them and they didn’t have much taste so I wasn’t worried about bad breath.

ThaiExpress at Bugis

The pictures on the menu looked much better than the reality.

The dish was topped with a crayfish split down the middle for easy eating. The crayfish was very black inside, which I assume was from the pepper but it could also have been because it was not cleaned. It was a little over cooked and did not contain much meat, especially for a meal costing $15.50 (plus tax and service).

ThaiExpress at Bugis

The crayfish was very black inside, probably due to the pepper seasoning.

My meal at ThaiExpress at Bugis was edible. It had some flavour but I was disappointed. I was expecting something extra special and the dish was pretty basic. It could have been greatly improved with a little more coriander, some more fresh vegetables, and a bigger and more juicy piece of crayfish. This place is not a recommendation from me and I won’t even bother to go into the details of the non-existent service despite a 10% service charge being added to my bill.

The Glass Pepper Noodle with Crayfish at ThaiExpress at Bugis+ was not very good and there are many other better and cheaper options to dine around here.