Local Murtabak, Indian Muslim Food at Zam Zam near Masjid Sultan Mosque

Zam Zam is possibly the most well-known and well-loved Indian Muslim restaurant in Singapore. Located just opposite the majestic Masjid Sultan Mosque, this place serves great Murtabak and it has a very local feel about it due to the buzz of activity that surrounds the place. It is always busy, with a steady stream of people coming and going or shouting their orders for takeaway. Zam Zam is mostly frequented by Malay and Indian locals, a good sign the place is authentic!

Flossy’s rating: ★★★★


The majestic Masjid Sultan Mosque is situated right opposite Zam Zam’s.

For those who don’t like anything too rustic, they might find the atmosphere noisy and overwhelming. Spending an hour here you feel transported to a busy corner in India but the fact it is always full of people is a testament to the basic but good food served. I sat on one of the wobbly tables outside and had a perfect view of the mosque opposite as well as the stream of people traffic on this busy thoroughfare.


There us usually a queue at the Zam Zam’s counter.

I ordered their specialty dish, Murtabak. It comes in different varieties such as deer, lamb or with sardines but I chose the safer chicken option. The best way I can describe this dish is as some sort of Indian filled pancake. It is made of fried Indian bread stuffed with a meat mixture containing onions and egg. The Murtabak came served with a side dish of mild curry sauce for dipping.


Chicken Murtabak, an Indian style pancake stuffed with meat.

I didn’t know what to expect but when the hot dish arrived I tucked in and it was delicious. Whilst obviously fried, the bread was not greasy but crispy and the chicken, whilst shredded, was juicy and succulent. I hate egg but this added an almost creamy consistency to the filling. But it was the curry dipping sauce, which although mild, was packed full of spicy flavour and really made this dish complete. Once I started eating it I found it hard to stop and I quickly devoured my plate.

Dining at Zam Zam was a unique experience and all for less than $10. The venue might be a little shabby, the cutlery not so clean and the tables wiped with a dirty rag, but the food is good, the atmosphere lively and it is great value for money. Despite the volume of customers, the service was also surprisingly very attentive. If you are with a group they serve other foods such as curry, briyani and spicy noodles, so you can order a variety of different dishes for sharing. However trying the Murtabak is a must!


The menu at Zam Zam’s offers a variety of dishes.

Zam Zam
697-699 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198675
Nearest MRT: Bugis