Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast for Brunch at Artistry

Artistry is a creative space in the Kampong Glam heritage district where you can get both your caffeine and culture fix in one go. Artistry features work by emerging local and international artists within its white-walled interior and the exhibitions change with good frequency. However the place attracts just as many visitors because of its excellent coffee. I went here for brunch on a Saturday to try their famous peanut butter and jelly French toast which exceeded all my expectations and naturally the taste was enhanced by the creative backdrop.

Flossy’s rating: ★★★★★

Artistry is located on the corner of Jalen Pinang. The theme is modern rustic with its bright and airy interior juxtaposed by homely wooden tables and cutesy mismatched dishware. Inside is very spacious as the tables are strategically set far apart so there is plenty of space to showcase and appreciate the artwork. Outside is a large shaded alfresco dining area, although on a fine weekend it can be hard to get a table.

The stylish looking shop front of Artistry.

I ordered a cafe latte and continued to be amazed by the good quality coffee available in Singapore. My latte was the right amount of creamy and strong without any bitter after taste and the barrista even managed to decorate it with coffee art.

Artistry serves excellent coffee.

For brunch I couldn’t go past the peanut butter and jelly French toast on the menu. I am not particularly a fan of fruity or sweet breakfast foods but this particularly concoction sounded too interesting to pass up. The French toast was made with thick slices of brioche that were stacked together and fried. In between the stacks was a thin layer of smooth peanut butter, raspberry jam and spiced custard. The dish was finished with a drizzle of maple syrup, a sprinkle of crushed cookies and a dollop of berry coulis, served with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

The reason this dish worked so perfectly well despite the many different flavours at play is that everything was applied in good moderation. There was enough peanut butter to appreciate a nutty hint and if it had been applied any more excessively the resulting dish would have been too dry or thirst quenching. Combining the peanut butter and jelly layer with custard also made the brioche soft and moist on the inside, whilst it was crisp and toasty on the outside. As a result, you didn’t require too much ice cream with every bite because it did not taste dry. There is nothing worse than dry French toast where you end up sopping the bread in all the cream before your even half way through the dish. Lastly, the single dollop of berry coulis was just right to give the overall dish an edge but without it becoming fruity. If I had to make one criticism, it would be that the dish could have done without the cookie crumbles although for those with a sweeter tooth, this might not be a problem.

Peanut butter and jelly French toast.

When I visited Artistry in April they were showing an exhibition by Mexican artist Francisco Marin called En El Café, which was a series of photographs from around the world capturing cafe culture and moments of human interaction. Whilst some of the images looked a little contrived they were still enjoyable to gaze at whilst sipping on my cuppa. To find out what exhibitions are currently showing, visit the Artistry Facebook page.

17 Jalan Pinang
Singapore 199149
Nearest MRT: Bugis