Take this quiz to find out if you need a change in your life?

Life is tough that is for sure and often the time passes us by so quickly you can blink and you just miss it! The worst thing that can ever happen to a person is to wake up one day and realise you have not enjoyed your life and you have many regrets. The best way to avoid this happening is to test whether you have a healthy psychology. Nobody is expected to live every moment to the fullest as life necessarily will have its mundane elements. However if you have a healthy psychology you are able to deal with this fact and you will adopt a mostly optimistic disposition even if your life is repetitive. Someone with a healthy psychology will be happy with the small things in life like the occasional weekend away, a slice of chocolate cake or seeing a flower.

Reading this statement might be a wake up call to many of you but before you rush off and see your doctor, take a deep breath, pause and do not do anything drastic. Simply take this quiz to find out what whether your psychology is in a healthy state or whether you need a change in your life. Please do not take the results too seriously either as this is just a quiz.

Pick the statement that best represents your initial reaction to each photograph.