Protest against Terrex Conspiracy and for Singapore Prime Minister Lee to Resign

In Singapore, when it concerns the current Prime Minister it has been the Oxley Road saga and the Lee family arguments aired on social media that have dominated headlines. However this month, a brave sole raised his hands in protest about a very different matter. The individual stood in the middle of Raffles Place holding a placard calling for the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to resign over the Terrex Conspiracy.

The Terrex incident, which was reported at the beginning of this year, was about Singapore Armed Force’s Terrex armoured vehicles, which were detained in Hong Kong. However the Terrex Conspiracy is a much deeper and more sordid accusation, which suggests that Singapore has sold its soul to China following the death of the Founding Father, Lee Kuan Yew. Conspirators point to a number of so-called-facts to support this allegation, including Singapore’s weak attempt to stand up to China to demand the speedy return of its Terrex vehicles.

More recently, it has been observed the brother of the current Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Yang was spotted in Hong Kong (perhaps doing a deal with the Chinese) shortly before he began airing his grievances on Facebook about Oxley Road and Mr Lee’s current rule of Singapore. To the great shame of the country, the consequence has been that 38 Oxley Road where the Prime Minister’s sister currently lives has turned into an Instagram hot spot!!

Terrex conspiracy

The house at 38 Oxley Road has started an awkward sibling rivalry

Regardless of the rumours or facts as they may be, it was an unexpected sight and very disruptive to see a protest occurring in Raffles Place. This is the heart of the Business District in Singapore and workers need to pass through here to commute to work, conduct meetings or congregate for lunch. After several minutes of ranting, 4 police officers promptly arrested the individual under the Public Order Act at 12:53pm during the lunch hour.  Protesting is illegal in Singapore, unless it is done at the Speakers’ Corner, where you can register your intentions in advance. The police officers involved conducting themselves bravely and were able to successful put the crowd at ease.

Please see the full video of the protest and arrest and let me know your views on the matter.