How well-versed are you in Classic Literature?

They are called classics for a reason, because they are stories that stand the test of time. Well-written literary forms that explore the human condition and all its depravity, challenges and heroes. A strong foundation in classical literature prepares you for the complex and rocky road of life that is fraught with moral dilemmas. Did you read the classics growing up and if so, how well did you retain the information? Take this quiz to find out.

In Little Women, which sister is the most vain and materialistic and often described as 'the least likeable' sister in the novel?
In which book was Hester Prynne forced to wear a letter 'A' for committing adultery?
What is the name of the island where Gulliver is first shipwrecked?
In Pride and Prejudice, who is the pompous, self righteous and boring clergyman the Bennet girls hope not to marry?
In the Tolstoy classic Anna Karenina, who does Kitty marry?
Who is spared the wrath of the Count of Monte Cristo?
Walter Hartright is a teacher from which book?
Who is the Man of Property?
Who is the 'little blossom' and 'child wife' to David Copperfield?
In which book is a young girl, who lives with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps, taken away to become a hired companion to a wealthy invalid named Clara?
In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, how is the portrait of Dorian destroyed?
Which author wrote about Atticus Finch?
Who is not a character from an Agatha Christie novel?
In the Wizard of Oz, who is Dorothy's most cherished friend?
How does Helen support herself after escaping her husband in the Tenant of Wildfell Hill?
In Alice and Wonderland, which does Alice consume first?
Who rescues Esmeralda from the gallows, when she is about to be hung for attempted murder of Phoebus?