My food diary for a week and I don’t think it is that bad!

Ever since I moved to Singapore I have battled to keep a slim figure. I swim and go to the gym regularly. However I also work long hours and sometimes that means I eat out for convenience or for business meetings. I have tried so hard to lose weight but I simply cannot so I decided to keep a Singapore food diary of everything I ate for a week to see if there was anything wrong. Looking back at the photos, my diet looks very healthy. On the weekend I always go for Chinese dumplings for brunch and this is something I am unwilling to change, as it is a small indulgence. Otherwise, what changes can I do to improve my diet?


Singapore food diary

I started my week in the healthiest way possible, rice cakes topped with avocado and tomato with cracked pepper and salt to garnish. When I got to the office, I had a cup of instant coffee and then around mid morning I snacked on some cashew nuts. For lunch I had grilled maki maki fish served with black squid ink soba noodles and half an avocado. In the afternoon I had a flat white coffee.

For dinner I stir fried pork belly in olive oil and served it with an asparagus, beetroot, mushroom and cucumber salad. I had a greek Danone yogurt for dessert.


Singapore food diary

On Tuesday I made myself three corn thins with butter and vegemite. Between breakfast and lunch I drank two cups of instant coffee and I ate a wheaten chocolate coated biscuit. I had lunch at a Thai restaurant near the office with a colleague. As it was a meal deal, there were not too many options and I choose the healthiest. My meal consisted of deep fried fish with a fried egg and a side of rice. I only ate half the rice.

When I got home from work I had some prunes. I then prepared a late dinner of grilled salmon fillet with a beetroot, mushroom and stir fried dow miao. For dessert I shared a small tin of rambutan fruits with my husband.


Singapore food diary

Okay it is hump day and half way through my Singapore food diary. For breakfast I made myself two rice cakes with cottage cheese and tomato. As a mid morning snack I had a cup of instant coffee with a handful of cashew nuts. I had a salad for lunch consisting of Japanese sweet potato, coriander, baby spinach and avocado. In the afternoon I had half a lamington cake and drank another cup of instant coffee.

In the evening I went out for work drinks and I had four glasses of prosecco and ate mini burgers and chicken skewers at a downtown bar.


Singapore food diary

On Thursday I began the day with three corn thins, butter and vegemite. I had a cup of instant coffee around mid morning. I then had a business lunch at a steak restaurant. I ordered salad to start with but I only ate half of it. For main course I had a rare rib eye steak with grilled vegetables and chips. I ate my whole main meal except I cut out the fatty bits from the steak. We received a complimentary dessert from the chef, which was a mini cheese cake and scoop of ice cream with cookie crumble. I had four bites of desserts only.

For dinner I drank one bottle of white wine and had a beetroot and crab stick salad.


Singapore food diary

Singapore food diary please forgive me as Friday is the day of the week I am okay to relax my diet a bit. I started with three corn thins with cottage cheese and tomato. I drank a cup of instant coffee around mid morning and ate a toasted olive bread tomato and mozzarella sandwich from Paul’s bakery for lunch. In the mid afternoon I had a cafe latte.

In the evening I enjoyed a rich dinner at Ding Dong restaurant. My husband and I shared a few plates that included duck dumplings in duck consommé, carbon battered prawn tempura, red snapper in green curry and lobster tail with tom yum broth. I also drank one and a half bottles of wine.


Singapore food diary

As is the tradition in my household, on Saturday we went for a Chinese dumpling brunch at Yum Cha restaurant in China Town. My husband and I shared a few small dishes that included prawn dumplings, broccoli, rice noodle, pork belly and marinated octopus. In the afternoon we drank coffee from Jamaica Blue and ate some milk chocolate we bought from the supermarket.

For dinner I stir fried strips of sirloin steak and served it with mixed mushrooms that were wok fried in olive oil and soy sauce along with a side of beetroot.


Singapore food diary

Last day for my Singapore food diary. On Sunday we went for brunch at Dim Sum Haus and ordered pork soup dumplings, Japanese dumplings, chicken and prawn dumplings and drank Chinese tea. In the afternoon we had a cafe latte.

For dinner I cooked instant noodles in a kimchi soup with prawn dumplings. We ate plain yogurt with tinned rambutan fruit for dessert.

All up, looking back at my Singapore food diary I think it was a pretty good week. It is true I did eat out a couple of times but my diet mostly consisted of fresh and healthy food prepared at home. How does this compare to your diet and what more can I be doing to lose weight?